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Sleep Betta, Dream Bigga

Turn your lousy Twin into a luxurious Full-XL with Haverbed.

How It Works

The Biggabed frame system attaches directly to your school-provided bed frame and instantly turns your twin-size bed into a bigga, Full-XL bed, The Biggabed! Then, you choose between our three different toppers to add on for the ultimate personalized and comfortable sleeping experience!

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The Biggabed!

Biggabed Sheets


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Having trouble finding Full XL sheets for your Biggabed? Look no further - we've partnered with DormCo to provide durable, high-quality sheets that will last beyond graduation. Tested directly on our frame system, we highly recommend DormCo's Full XL sheets as the perfect addition to your slumber.* 

Click the link below to purchase through us!

* We have not tested, nor do we recommend, any other DormCo product.

Shipping and handling are via DormCo to your shipping address.


Take a look at what some of our lovely customers are saying:

* some reviews are from other Biggabed locations.

Sleeping with Eye Mask

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Realize your room is a bit smaller than you anticipated? Feel like your topper is a little too soft? Let us know and we'll do whatever we can to fix it! For up to 30 days after receiving your bed you can cancel your order, switch sizes, or change toppers - just let us know!

*If we deem that any part of the package is broken or missing due to customer misuse or mishandling, the customer is responsible for reimbursement.

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